Monday, June 02, 2008

What's Important

I have been writing almost all of my life, at least 50 years. In that time, I believed that only the spiritual growth articles were important. There are others out there who believe the same, as indicated by which posts generate the most interest and comments.I now believe I was wrong!

Each of us is a complete person, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. We need to accept that and promote growth and balance in all areas.This entails much more than I have covered in my posts and articles on Balance. While that particular form of balance is very important, we must also nurture and grow our understanding of all facets of ourselves, and humanity in general.

When I write, I don't consciously think about what I am writing, but I do read what I have written when I am finished. Since I mull a topic over in my mind for quite some time before I am sure what I think abut it, I seldom need to change anything by the time I get to the writing part. Many of the questions I contemplate are those which have affected my own life, and many stem from questions or comments by others.

Our physical presence, this body, mind and heart that houses our spiritual selves is part of this world and part of daily life in it.In order to progress along our path, we need to deal with daily life. There are many things in daily life that can cause us to stumble if we do not confront them. For example, the terrible illness that can happen to us or to those we love, or the attempt to distinguish between the various guises love takes or the other emotions that disguise themselves as love.

Life is full of challenges here on this plane and if we avoid them, we can not progress on the spiritual plane either. We create so much static in our minds that important things are drowned out. Not all things on this plane are painful or difficult. There is much pleasure and joy to be had if we are open to them.

Someone asked me if there were any truly happy people. After thinking about it for a while, I had to answer truthfully that Yes, there are and I am one.In the depths of my being I am content. I enjoy the pleasures this world offers, nature's beauty, loving and being loved, children's laughter .. there is so much that brings joy and happiness.

If one does not deal with the negative things, the pain, misunderstanding, depression, illnesses, failed relationships ..then it becomes almost impossible to find any joy in life. Unfortunately, many of the problems people grapple with fall into the "not to be mentioned" category. That is why I so often find myself writing about cancer, menopause, the aging process, depression, death and a number of other things that people don't feel comfortable confronting.

It's all important.


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Yes happiness is always present. So is sadness. It's finally on what we chose to see and be with. Otherwise they are simply different clouds that keep passing by in the sky of consciousness.

Zareba said...

Yes, it is all important and it is all irrelevant.

Glad to see you here, Swahilya

jim said...

Zareba, fullness in Spirit, Spirit in your fullness, ones whole life is ones fullness.

One seeking Spirit but reading the mundane, absorbs the Spirit within that mundane, without consciousness perhaps, or with.

Sometimes I think of it like the male supplying the fullness to the female who then supplies that fullness transformed, to the male, each an aspect of one life and one love. It all adds up.

You keep writing about whatever Zareba for you have the fullness to share and give and you do! Thanks to you for all you do Lady!

Zareba said...

Thank you, Jim.

I think you are right that "each is an aspect of one life and one love". Without both male and female aspects, we are lost in a sea of misunderstanding.

I watched an old episode of Star Treck, The Next Generation last night. It was the one about the ancient civilization's archive that they found, and the awakening of Musaka, (the sun) who needs (?? name) the personification of the moon to complete him. Since the moon was no longer chasing the sun across the sky, the sun became a very destructive force, burning and parching the planet and it's inhabitants. Once the moon again connected with him, the sun returned to his rightful pastime, chasing the moon across the sky, each in balance with the other.