Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meditating in a Group or Group Meditation

It has been my experience that when one meditates in a group of people with similar desires and beliefs, the meditation process becomes stronger and deeper. This is similar but stronger than the intensity one experiences in Holy places, churches, certain places in nature, etc. It is not necessary to follow a particular process. Each may meditate in his or her own way, simply absorbing the higher vibration generated by the group. People who engage in silent prayer within the structure of their spiritual services experience this same heightened awareness.

The jury is still out on guided meditation. If the guide is good, strong and pure of heart, it can be a wonderful experience . It is like one is riding the crest of a wave. If not, it can be either a neutral or negative experience. Music and/or chanting have also been useful in deepening the meditative experience.

Some learn to meditate simply for the physical and emotional benefits. Others are seeking a deeper meaning of life and their role in it. I believe that most groups seeking spiritual growth through meditation welcome all who wish to meditate with them, and require nothing in return. This is a way to benefit from group meditation as well as to learn about the particular spiritual path. There are Buddhist groups who host weekly meditation sessions in many localities and they do not require any change in one's beliefs in order to simply meditate with them. I believe the Society of Friends also welcome others to sit with them. A search on Google will produce more such groups if anyone is interested in exploring this area.


Don Iannone said...

Z: Beautiful thoughts. Sorry i have been so scarce. I am writing the prospectus for my thesis, which is demanding and giving more attention to the art of "seeing" through photography.

Come see for yourself:

All the best!

Swahilya Shambhavi said... that way, even blogging seems to me a group meditative practice!

paul maurice martin said...

I've wondered about this - only did it when I first learned to meditate, which of course was very meaningful for that. What I've wondered is whether it would be the same kind of experience.

In sitting meditation as I've practiced it, the intent is to quiet the mind - to see what happens when you get yourself to stop talking, so to speak. While I can clearly see the benefits of a group approach for beginners I'm less clear about how it would help those with significant experience.

It may be that it's intended as a different kind or level of meditation experience.

jim said...

Been a long time since I thought about this, I remember it in a school setting where other things were applied around the actual meditation session. I never thought of it in a group way outside of that, very interesting Zareba, hope you are well. I agree with Swahilya, blogging is a meditation often, and in a way, that is a group experience, have to think about this.

Don Iannone said...

Z: Wishing you well.

Photography can be very healing:

All the best,


Zareba said...

Thank you, Don. I will be there and check out your photos as soon as I can. If they are as good as your poetry, they are sure to move many besides myself.

May you find sunshine and joy in each day


Zareba said...

Hi Swahilya:

I had not thought about it that way, but I believe you are right.

Thanks for visiting.


Zareba said...

Hi Paul:
I have not had time to visit you lately, but I am hoping things will slow down now.

What I found with group meditation was that the experience is similar to meditating in Holy places made Holy by the intent of those who use them) and as such, is a vehicle to deeper levels more quickly than one may experience on one's own. Not a substitute for solitary meditation, by any means, just another level of experience.

Hoping life is unfolding well for you


Zareba said...

Hi Jim. Where have you been? There you were, gone!

If there is a Budhist meditation group near you, you might find the experience interesting. Not guided meditation, simply meditating in the presencxe or others who are doing the same. If not, perhaps a Holy place, made so by human intent or the Creators beauty.

May peace and joy find you each day


Zareba said...

Hi Don. I went to look at your pictures, but on a dial-up connection it is just too slow. When we go into town, I will take my note book and visit the internet cafe. They have wireless and we use it for a small fee.

What I saw of the pictures were great. I am looking forward to seeing the rest.

Wishing you sunshine and joy