Thursday, April 10, 2008

Always to Start Anew

To escape time, …

Always to start anew....... Each new year, each new week, each new day, each new minute ... We may always begin again, we may move on from where we were, or we can choose to remain where we are stuck, by our own choice.

This is heady stuff! It means we can begin anew when we have messed up. We can dust the old off our shoes and take up a new path, one of light and love. We can leave the old behind, having learned from it all that we could. There are those who say they have no choice, but that is not exactly true. We always have choice even if it is only choice to do or not do something. We can own ourselves and our choices, in effect becoming master of our own selves, or we can allow the world to make choices for us while we whine that we had no choice. To become masters of our selves, our choices, our destiny, that is worth working for!

What we may not have is fortitude, strength to do what we know to be right for us at that particular time. We see opportunities come and we see them go without us. Sometimes we also lack the wisdom to act on the opportunities that come our way. Our inner selves, our spiritual selves know what is right for us and when. All knowledge is within our selves if we wish to find it.

This is where meditation comes in and can help us commune with our spiritual selves, our subconscious if you will. At some time in our spiritual lives we come to recognize that when we live in harmony with the universal laws, what we need will be drawn to us when we need it. We tend to stop asking for things or for things to work out a particular way. We come to trust the process. We begin to petition only for strength and wisdom for ourselves, the strength to do what is right, and the wisdom to know it.

It has been many years since I have asked for more than strength and wisdom for myself, with one exception. I asked to live long enough to finish what I believe is my task here on earth, and I asked to be able to hold the two persons responsible for my return through the mist two years ago, in my arms just once before I go through the mist again. These two wishes are being granted, and I am so very thankful and so very blessed.

I do petition to have other's burdens lightened, for them to find their strength and wisdom, to have their pain and grief eased, to find enlightenment. Love is the most powerful thing in the universe, and when we petition with love, whether personal or universal, that petition has power to help those we petition for.

Meditation for me, allows me to commune with my inner self, the spiritual self within me. It allows me to reach a state of deep relaxation, leaving my daily cares behind, and renewing my spirit. It also puts me in a mental state conducive to petitioning for others. After years of practice, I find that I can now drop into that state on the count of 3, which can be very useful at times. Using a candle for focus is also useful.

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