Monday, March 31, 2008

More About My Own Path

And here is the rest of me. You now know as much about me as I do, ☺

When I became disabled at the age of 40, I was able to return to the rural life I had always loved with unlimited time to pursue my search for answers, the silver lining behind that particular cloud. Initially, having my career cut short devastated me, but with time I saw the benefits. I am now 63 and still pursuing my life long search.

The Native American Red Road, the Jewish Torah, the Wiccan Creed, The Bhagavad-Gita, much of the Buddhist tradition, the Christian Bible, and so much more have all contributed to my path and my exploration of the meaning of life. With the Internet, access to so many more thoughts and thinkers has broadened my search even more.

As a child, I always felt out of place. I also had memories I could not explain and a name that somehow belonged to me. Zareba was that name and it was not until I was in my thirties that I discovered it's meaning. Looking in a very large dictionary, I idly flipped to the back of the book and the word zahriba jumped out at me. It referred to the thorn bush fences built around the nomads’ encampments to keep them and their livestock safe from predators. I have also always tried to provide safe haven to all who find our little time warp, carved out of the hustle and bustle of modern life.

When I started teaching, I adopted the name Arachna to teach under. I believe the teachings and not the teacher are important and wanted to try to stay outside the relationship with students to avoid becoming an idol or guru. I also believe that by the time a student understands what the spider means, they have learned all that I can teach. When asked by a friend to try to assist in a group that she felt was in need of assistance, I again did not want to be personally associated with what I was about to do so coined the name Solo Sonder, a loose translation in to French of solitary seeker, which I certainly am.

After arresting in the ambulance on April 6th, 2006 and being resuscitated at the hospital, then returning to my life in May, two of my closest sisters of the soul gave me a new name. They told me that I must be as the tortoise and go very slowly so that I may live very long. Now in many ways I have become that tortoise. They gave me tangible reminders for my birthday, one a broach which I pinned on my purse so that when I go out, I remember not to push beyond my endurance, and the other a brass box whose shell opens to hide a treasure inside, which I keep by my computer to remind me that I must get up and move around and that I must rest. There will be time enough for all that I must do before I leave this realm.


Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Nice to know more!

jim said...

Zareba, I am taking these latest posts to read and get back to you, I scanned this one, plus what I already know of you, we do have much in common, very much.

I have gotten very busy the past week, am still reading on your book, the first one you sent me, and have finished the second paper, with the student. That one is, by itself, tremendous reading and wonderful communications, I absolutely enjoyed it, I hope you carry thru with the compilation of it, I would suggest to keep it personal while being technical, but more personal and vitally human. It is terrific, I will definitely read it again.

I will get back with you in a week, don't forget me.

Love to you and yours, my best to all of you and family.

Thanks Zareba, for all the pleasures.

Struggle For Justice said...

We have a lot in common. As a child in a single parent home and being unwanted I felt disconnected as you did. I also prefer the pastoral to the urban life and if we compared note most likely we would find much more common ground.

Zareba said...

Thank you, Swahelya. Nice to know you are interested! It has certainly been a Journey and far from over yet.


Zareba said...

Jim, your visits are always a pleasure.

May peace and joy find you


Zareba said...

Hello Struggle, and welcome.

Our beginnings certainly appear to be very similar. It will be interesting to see what other common ground we have.


jim said...

Zareba, nice to hear from you, my apologies for being so long getting back to you. I have read most of your book, it is excellent and everyone should read it, most remarkable material and insights. I will be finishing it this week, given better weather and more time, I already have some comments about material in the book. I am looking forward to trading notes with you.

I fully read the portion of the future one which you sent, it is also remarkable, I really would love to read the whole story and know more about the other person as well. Very very interesting and educational.

Again Zareba, my apologies for being so long, I am having to do a ton of research on my work and enter into areas I had been trying to stay out of, it is partially the Chassidic part of the Jewish material, part kabbalah and part judaism, and part something else, Messiah stuff I guess it would be called. Anyway it is time consuming and necessary for me to be able to continue posting on my blogs. So I will be back with you shortly. I will take any new articles from here and also read them this week.

I hope you are doing well Zareba, I know how we have to keep up with things to stay as well as we can, I do too. My best to you and yours, and I will see you later, Love to you always Zareba.

Zareba said...

Hi again Jim:

Thanks for your comments, always appreciated.

I have some small knowledge of what you are researching. The material bent my head six ways from Sunday as they say, and left me totally scribbled.

Findinfg time to work on the book is really difficult these days. I seem to be just too busy with other writings, but it is still on the list.

Wishing you peace and joy