Sunday, October 14, 2007

Leaping Into The Unknown

Each time we reach a new plateau of knowledge and understanding, we must get there by leaping into the unknown. This leap can be downright terrifying, but if we shy away from the precipice, the doorway we can not see beyond, the result is often stagnation and at times, even madness, as we deny the very growth we work so hard to achieve. Once committed to the path, we have only the choice to proceed or to dally, with the attendant consequences. We must face this challenge over and over again as we approach each new leap forward in understanding, acceptance, growth.

We approach a doorway into more light, but are afraid to walk through. We stand there, hesitating, afraid to go in, afraid to go back, afraid....Another way to picture it is standing on the precipice, working up the nerve to jump, trusting that all will be well and will be as it is meant to be. I believe that each crisis we reach and pass, makes us stronger, more willing to take that leap of faith.

Courage is not the absence of fear; it is acting in spite of it. Walking the path takes true courage. I have found that the only real enemy is fear itself. If we can act in the face of fear, we can walk our path with confidence.


Meadow said...

Very beautiful post. I've added you to my friends list! Let me know if you'd rather I take the link down --- and you probably won't want to add me to your list, as my posts are not spiritual. In fact, they are sometimes downright decadent. :D But I do like discussing spiritual matters. Peace!

Kathy said...

I enjoyed this post. you said: "I believe that each crisis we reach and pass, makes us stronger, more willing to take that leap of faith". I agree..I've been through a few myself.

Zareba said...

Dear Meadow, do not sell yourself short. There is more in life than just to be a seeker. Without a well rounded life, we would be very out of you see, I am delighted to link.


Zareba said...

Thank you, Kathy. It is great to see you here and to visit your space. I missed you while I was taking care of life.


jim said...

Great reading Zareba, you are writing fine posts, keep it up, I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent and you help me collect my thoughts, gives me some clear sky to love. Thanks, and Peace and Love to you Zareba.

Alexys Fairfield said...

I am always amazed at the rate of spiritual growth. It seems to happen right under our nose and we find out when we are faced with a crisis - - and we get through it unscathed.

Zareba said...

Thank you Jim. I am glad that my posts help. It has been an interesting experience writing a small "how to" booklet on meditation, one post at a time. for an Annexcafe news group.

May you find peace and joy


Zareba said...

Hi Alexys:

We do seem to learn in big gulps, no noticeable growth for ages then something happens and we realize how much we have progressed.


Don Iannone said...

So very true. How our demons haunt and torment us.

What do we find when we peer into our fear? What do we see when we get past our fear of looking? Always there is something beyond fear.

Zareba said...

Hi Don. Yes, always. Most people first have to look beyond the face of anger to see the face of fear. Behind the face of fear we often find that we are afraid of losing something we have or not getting something we want.

Peace be with you