Friday, October 05, 2007

Balance-The Spiritual Pillar

This body, this mind, this heart, this physical presence is the temple in which the spirit resides and deserves to be loved, respected and cherished. Until the temple receives the attention it needs, we can not begin to search for the questions we need to ask in order to find our proper path and begin the Journey meant for this lifetime.

Once the physical, mental and emotional pillars are brought into balance with each other, the fact that we are searching for something we can not yet name becomes much clearer. Who am I? What am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose in life? What lies before and after this life? So many questions. Where to start to search? At this point, learning to meditate may be the best tool for searching for meaning. It certainly was for me. Again there are good books available on meditation techniques as well as a great deal of information on the internet,. The challenge is to find the best meditation techniques for each individual. What works for one will not necessarily work for another.

Each of us has a unique path to follow, individual goals to achieve, a Journey similar to, but different from all others. We begin in different places. We have different questions to ask and answers to find. We may search in the company of others with similar goals or we may find ourselves in situations where we must walk a solitary path. At different times we may experience both companionship and solitude.

When we reach this point in our Journey, the beginning of consciously walking our unique path, finding our questions, then searching for our answers, we often get so involved in the excitement of finding purpose, we often forget to continue to be aware of the need for balance. The other pillars may well be neglected to the point that we experience great turbulence in our lives. When that happens, it is necessary to stop and re-examiner all of the pillars that support our lives.


Kelly said...

Zareba, I am soooo glad that I found your blog. I haven't had the chance to read all your posts yet, but what I have read is profound and moving. I can tell I will be visiting here alot. :)
Every so often someone comes into our lives at the precise moment they are meant to, and I think you are one of those people. I know I will enjoy reading what you've written.
I love the comment you left on my page, especially the part where you said: // I have always said that I follow my path with a light and a mirror, the light to illuminate the path at our feet and a mirror to reflect other's truth back to them. I also try to walk with one hand stretched out ahead to receive help over the roughest parts, and one behind to help others who meay need it.//

That is so well put, that I wish I would have thought of it. :)

Have a wonderful journey new friend. I will be back soon.

Don Iannone said...

Balance is the key. So hard to attain, at times. Hoping you are well, Z. Blessings to you.

Paul said...

I agree and would just add that the balance is, in reality, a more dynamic process than it's sometimes given credit for today.

In mind/body and holistic health circles, you often come across the fallacy that balance necessarily includes physical health. If you lose that, there's often a tacit and sometimes explicit notion that the cause of your illness is an imbalanced mind and spirit!

In reality, the three are indeed interrelated, but not in that simplistic way. Obviously anyone can lose their physical health through contact with viruses, drunk drivers, the unfolding of chance genetic combinations over which we have no control . . . many many things whose onset has nothing to do with the state of our inner lives.

Balance, where physical health is compromised, has to do with the mind and spirit coming to terms with what has happened to the body. Indeed, the mind and spirit can become sharper and healthier even as the body degenerates.

Zareba said...

Thank you Kelly. I hope you visit often.

Zareba said...

Thanks Don. Life has been large but it seems to be settling down a bit now.Balance is a goal to be saught, but with the knowledge that it is a state we can not remain in, only visit at the bottom of each pendulum swing.

Zareba said...

Paul, I hope you are a bit better. I agree that balance is not achieving health against all odds, but rather attaining harmony amongst all four pillars. Perfection is not achieved in this realm, but the striving strengthens us and brings peace and harmony into our lives. The joy must be in the Journey, not simply in reaching the goal.

I wish you peace