Saturday, January 27, 2007

More on Astral Projection

Someone asked if I had more than the one experience I discussed in the first article. I have to say yes as I have had a number of experiences that I would have to say were out of body.

Since my mid-twenties, I have meditated, often twice daily. Anyone who meditates regularly will agree that not every meditation results in a spiritual experience, but the regular practice results in allowing one to attain the focused, meditative state almost instantly. That skill has helped me to do things I could not otherwise have done.

The first time I consciously reached out to help someone else who was near death, was when my father-in-law had surgery and found it difficult to breathe afterwords. He was in recovery much longer than normal. When we visited in the hope that he would rally with family around, I could feel his struggle to breathe. I dropped into a meditative state and spent a half hour breathing with him. Afterwords he was much better and continued to rally. It may have happened regardless of my intervention, but everyone believed that I had made a difference.

The second time I performed this function it was for a woman whom I had never met. We had a mutual friend, who asked me to help if possible. The lady had a brain tumor and had surgery on it three times because of cerebral fluid leaks. She was very weak and had pretty much given up. My friend told me everything she could about her friend and I was able, in meditation, find her and offer my strength and support to survive and rally for the sake of her young daughter. She did survive and a few months later, I met her. She and my friend came to my house to visit. My friend had not told her anything other than that I was a friend of hers. When I came to the door, the lady wrapped her arms around me and began to cry, telling me she knew me from when she was in the hospital. I had not visited the hospital. It was over a hundred miles away from where I was. The only way she could have recognized me was from visiting her on the spiritual level.

These experiences, coupled with my own experience of being helped back through the mist when I passed away in the ambulance and was resuscitated at the hospital last April, convinced me that the ability to affect others while in the spiritual realm is quite possible and probably happens much more regularly than we would suspect. My experience of watching my own surgery in my early twenties predisposed me to recognize subsequent experiences as out-of-body events.

There have been other experiences during meditation, some I remembered, others were more of a blank, but I would return in a state of elated calm that would last for the rest of the day.

I believe that when an event is fraught with intense emotion, it is more indelibly written on the conscious mind. When one gives ones self over to the do the bidding of the Creator, there are many experiences during both waking and sleeping, which the conscious mind does not register. The Ancients have told us repeatedly not to get distracted by the gifts and skills we receive while on the path to Enlightenment. If we do, we can be seduced off the path, believing we are more than a willing tool of the One. They also told us that we would have the skills to do the work we are assigned when needed. I have found this to be true.


Temple Guard said...

Hello Zareba!

Thank you for pointing me to your article, it is very interesting to see what is possible in the astral.

When you help people remote, do you leave your body like in an real projection, or do you just create a link to them somehow?

Temple Guard

Don Iannone said...

Amazing stuff, Z. Thanks for sharing this. I learn from your experiences. Hope you're well. Healing blessings to you.

Zareba said...

Hello Temple Guard:

I really don’t know. I never tried to Project. I never practiced any methods. I just did what needed to be done and did not question the methods of the Creator working through me. It would seem to be actual Projection because of the fact that I have been recognized by others I have helped even when they have never seen me previously. I also recognized those who came to help me while I was in a coma. In other instances, I have totally lost awareness of my body for extended periods of time and have been uplifted by the experience.

You may want to ask yourself why you want to learn to Astral Project. Your reasons may well play a large part in whether or not you are successful.

Zareba said...

Thank you Don, forboth your comment and your blessing. I am delighted that I could share something that helps or clarifies.

I am recovering slowly, but find that I live this life at a much slower pace than ever before. I get frustrated that I can not do the things I want to, or have to do them in low gear instead of "full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes".


Temple Guard said...

Thanks for your comment in my blog! I will dig into your blog during the next days, I saw already many interesting topics just looking at the titles in the archive.

Considering the reason for my will to learn astral projection, I believe a very important part of our life happens on the astral planes, even if we do not remember it most of the times. I am a very curious person and want to look behind the curtain, so to speak. Understanding what happens in the astral world seems to be pretty important if you want to understand what happens in the so called "real" world.

I have no idea what awaits me out there, but something tells me that I have an established identity in the astral that I am not aware of while I am in my body. Like a dream that you forget when you wake up. To make a long story short, I want to know who I am out there, maybe this helps me to understand my place in the world.

As far as I have read your blog, you seem to be part of the "good" team, and you do what you do to help others. Is this your primary reason for spiritual work (or whatever you want to call it), or is there some bigger intention behind this?

My best wishes to you,
Temple Guard

Zareba said...

Thank you for your comments, temple guard. I truly don't have an answer to your question as to whether I travel or link. I never gave it a lot of thought, I just reached out and did what needed doing.

However, I have always felt strongly that when the Creator gives one skills to be used to help others, they are not to be used lightly or for my own benefit. I have seen others who got so involved in their new talents that they forgot about the path and stopped progressing along the path.


Zareba said...

Thanks, Don. I am always delighted to find you have visited. I am still chewing on the idea of publishing the correspondence between teacher and one particular student. Since I need to rest more than I used to, my progress is slow. If you have the time, I would like very much to send you the first few pages of dialogue for your input and comments.

Thanks ...Z

Puzzled Woeman said...

Hello to Zareba from an old friend. Though a new name I have, the same friend I am.

Life points to the fact that we must be friends because I ran into you today via a strange route. I Googled "synchronicity", entered the blog known as "UNRAVELING THE SPIRITUAL MYSTIQUE". I checked out some comments, and there you were. Very nice to see you again.

Zareba said...

Hello Puzzled Woman. Sorry I can not place you,but we seem to have some connection with each other. Do I get more of a hint, or maybe an email. Synchronicity?


Puzzled Woeman said...

I will send you an email. There's nothing worse than curiosity that can't be put to rest.