Saturday, September 24, 2005


If I could change the world and make it better, what would I change? First, I would have to determine what I mean by better: better for who? better for what?

Since we have already changed so many things to make them better, I should start out by examining the improvements that have already been made: pollution, extinction, violence, crowding .... Somehow, I doubt that this is what we had in mind when we began improving. It is rather like free love. Is it love? Is it free? It all depends on your point of reference. A true improvement must stand up to examination from all reference points.

Next, on what plane should this change take place? the physical? the mental? the emotional? the spiritual? the ultimate reality of being? Whatever it is, it should have a positive effect on all planes. If we are in a school in which we are to learn, then the only logical place to make improvements is in the teaching methods so that we may learn faster and better, in order that we may more quickly reach the ultimate goal.

But this is a free school in which each of us is permitted to learn at our own rate, so that we may recognize the goal when we do reach it. Change should therefore, not affect the rate of learning.

Is there really anything that should be done to improve this school we call our world.

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