Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Another View

Another view of the river that runs through me. There is such solace in moving water. Perhaps because it reminds us of who and what we are.


Princess Haiku said...

I enjoyed reading several of your moving and poetic posts. May your health improve. Peace.

Zareba said...

Thanks for visiting and your wonderful comments. I tried to return the visit but could not get your blog to load. I will keep trying.


Margie said...

I always feel such peace in moving water also!

A beautiful river!


jim said...

Beautiful pics Zareba, wonderful feeling in them. Voice is an extention of water, be it song or speech, poetry or prose, all water, all flowing over us.

Thanks for the thoughts, they are an extention for me, I truly appreciate the movement.

Love and Peace to you always Zareba.

Zareba said...

Margie, I hope youi are able to come home and revisit all of the places that hold pieces of your soul. ...Z

Zareba said...

Thank yoiu, Jim. I have also found that the voice of the river soothes me. Sometimes I think we sing the same song.

With love and companionship on the search ...Z