Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Update on Zareba

Today,Zareba asked me to let everyone know what happened to her.Two weeks ago she was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.On the way her lungs and heart shut down.Through a lot of hard work by the local hospital she was resuscitated and has remained in intensive care to this point.
She wants all her friends and friends she hasn't met yet, to know that she is recovering and feels all the love and strength that she has received from you has been a great help in bringing her back from the brink.
I would like to thank all of you for all the cards,letters and e-mails.Reading them to her certainly let her know that she is loved and would be missed by a great many people.
For Zareba (and me)


Nina said...

Ben, Thank you for the update. I'm sending all the prayers and good thoughts to both of you and the fids. As I am sure they miss having her at home.

Blessings & Love,

Rauf said...

I've had a very strange affection for her, she is a noble Lady, I have been reading her blogs but never commented on any for the fear of hurting a gentle soul.
Suddenly feel so heavy like my own sister is in the hospital.

wish and hope she gets well soon to delight her family and friends.

Trée said...

Thoughts and prayers.

Rauf said...

How is Zareba doing now, Is she back at home ?

5th May 2006