Sunday, March 05, 2006


Thanks to all who inquired after me. It is always good to know that one has been missed.

We live our lives on a platform supported by four pillars, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In order to have balance in our lives, we need to concentrate on each of these pillars to strengthen and lengthen them as we spiral upward toward Union. It is not possible to bring them into balance and just let them be. We must forever give a little nudge to one or the other that may not be growing at the rate of the rest. Actual balance is achieved only fleetingly before a pillar lags behind again.

In my eagerness to communicate, I forgot that basic fact. I failed to notice when the physical pillar began lagging behind, and in need of attention. I also did not heed the warnings of two hospital stay. Now I must pay attention to my physical health, while continuing to grow in other aspects as well. Less time writing, less time blogging, less time e-mailing, more time with my feet up, at least for a while.

I miss the friendly exchange of ideas and thoughts here, and will do my best to return as quickly as I can.


defiant goddess said...

I'm in the process of coming back to my blog after going through my own struggles with balance.

I hope that you are healing well.

Nina said...

Take care of your Z . .. hugs,

Beard said...

By all means take care of yourself but do say hello now and then.

Darlene said...

Don't worry, we understand, and even if we can't communicate through writing, we're thinking of you and are behind you all the way. Besides, the sooner you build up your strength and health, the sooner we can have you back.

By the way, what you say about the pillars of life is so true.

Bill said...

I'm glad you're coming back... but, by all means, take care of yourself first!!

The pillars of life analogy is spot on accurate!!

Zareba said...

Thank you all for your comments and well wishes. I have been working on a piece about balance and the importance of continually monitoring and adjusting all four pillars, and will post it here in the near future.


Hayden said...

I hope you are feeling up to blogging regularly soon. they key is feeling up to it.... whether you do it or not!